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Gender equality is a fundamental human right - and one that holds the key to unlocking the full potential of individuals, communities, and societies.Each year, International Women's Day represents an opportunity for us all to take action, dismantle barriers, challenge biases...
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Have you ever considered how we could better enable charitable enterprises to do good in the world, while reducing reliance on grants and financial assistance?  David Waine has - and as the founder of Matley - an impact-focused accountancy firm, this is someth...
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There's nothing like the sweet taste of honey - and Hannah and Rory O'Brien know that better than anyone else. Since 2016, the pair have been producing, sourcing, and processing some of the rarest honeys in the world from hard to reach places in our untouched nativ...
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Fuelled by her mission to elevate the voices and stories of marginalised groups, Rowena Bahl founded youtopi - a streaming platform dedicated to tackling social and environmental issues.  Rowena is part of our entrepreneurial accelerator programme - Accelerate Regional....
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Plastic free might seem like a daunting journey to embark upon, as plastic is everywhere!  However, with these small hacks, our Director Emma Sinclair (low waste-junkie and Plastic Free July veteran) gives some tips on how you can make it easy at work....
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Productivity. It’s such a buzzword at the moment, and we all want more of it, right? Here at Impact Hub, although we are advocates for balance and not always going with the rat-race mentality of overachieving, we also know that some days (weeks), we just need to get sh*t D...
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Recognise this scenario? You know you should be moving your body more, but your business baby is taking all the time and energy you have available to give. Our Director of Community - Emma Sinclair, has a degree in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology up her sleeve, and a...
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Impact Drinks

October 7, 2021
Impact Hub hosts Impact Drinks every two months, where likeminded people, with a heart for impact in their businesses and in the world, come together, enjoy some casual drinks and nibbles. What is the idea behind Impact Drinks?There are lots of networking groups here in Hami...
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