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Impact Hub Waikato offers a range of entrepreneurial support services ranging from personalised 1-2-1 support for your specific business needs, to programme cohorts at similar stages of business. You can connect to tailored support in one of the below ways. 

1-2-1 Support

Business Health Check

Our Business Health Check is a quick and easy way to take the temperature of your business and identify areas for improvement. You’ll be asked to fill in a short survey, and then you'll be connected with one of our Impact Associates. Our Business Health Check sessions take 2 hours and can be held via Zoom or in person.

Here are some examples of what we might identify that you need to work on:

  • Developing an effective marketing campaign
  • Improving net profit drivers
  • Building purpose into your business model
  • Identifying new business channels & markets
  • Improving your digital marketing strategy
  • Developing an ecommerce strategy
  • Setting up financial systems that work for your business
  • Developing a consistent brand strategy
  • Discovering new business markets & reaching new customers

Connect with an Associate

Impact Hub Associates provide 1-2-1 business support for all stages of business.

Our team of Associates is made up of experienced and talented entrepreneurial thinkers, experts and coaches who truly care about social, cultural and environmental impact. We want your experience to be seamless. When you apply for our services online, we connect you with the right expert and brief them on your requirements.

Through Impact Hub’s Associate model you can get help in the following areas of business.

  • Brand Management 
  • Commercial/Venture Building Support
  • Legal Support
  • Business Validation
  • Marketing Support
  • Team Coaching
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Financial Planning
  • Impact Management Support
  • Business Support

Want to become an Associate?

Get in touch with our team and we can send you more information.

Group Learning


Once a month, Impact Hub Waikato members can participate in our Workbench sessions, where experts in a variety of fields (legal, finance, funding, impact measurement) will support you with more complex questions so you can immediately take next steps to grow your business fast and efficiently.

Workbenches are held in our Hamilton and South Waikato spaces on a different topic each month and are available for all members.


Every second month, Impact Hub hosts an in person workshop at our hubs on a member generated topic, hosted by a different expert. Find out what's trending, learn new skills, problem solve, and gain the knowledge you need to help your business grow. 

Help your impact business grow

In our Workshops we've covered everything from SEO to Storytelling - here are some past workshop examples:

  • Instagram Marketing - tips & tricks
  • Sales mindset - how your for purpose business should approach sales
  • Storytelling - how the art of storytelling can help you reach your audience
  • SEO - what makes a great website
  • Brand Strategy - building an impactful brand
  • Growth Hacking - growth for impact entrepreneurs
  • The F Word - yes we're talking Finances


In 2020, more than 5000 participants joined over 200 business programmes in Impact Hubs across the globe.

From sustainable food to circular fashion to healthcare, Impact Hub ran programmes focused on getting started, accelerators on scaling internationally, training sessions on leadership skills for entrepreneurs – and pilot programmes with corporate partners. Amongst programme participants, 45% of venture success is attributed to Impact Hub!

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