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The triple bottom line: meet David

Have you ever considered how we could better enable charitable enterprises to do good in the world, while reducing reliance on grants and financial assistance? 

David Waine has - and as the founder of Matley - an impact-focused accountancy firm, this is something he's actively working towards.

We're currently helping David amplify his impact through our entrepreneurial accelerator programme - Accelerate Regional. Recently, we chatted with him about his experience in the programme, plus his journey as an impact entrepreneur.

When we asked David to tell us about himself, he told us that he's "tall and handsome", before going on to explain that he's a Chartered Accountant with his own practice - Matley. Plus, he holds a number of Governance roles in the non-profit sector, where he sees his position as supporting the positive financial communities we're here to serve. 

But, we think there's even more to him than that. He's also using his business to challenge the status quo, and disrupting norms in both the charitable and commercial space through his business.

Matley creates impact in two distinct ways. Firstly, they're enabling sustainable charitable entities to provide good to the world, while reducing dependence on grants and financial assistance by commercialising their services. In the commercial/profit-orientated space, they're balancing social and staff welfare with profitable enterprise.  

"In a way, we're trying to work on the triple bottom line approach but not over complicate the reporting so clients are resistant to try it", David says.

When it comes to the best part of working within the impact space, David tells us it's seeing "the positive change as part of the outcomes and the sustainability of good ideas and social good".

Being part of Accelerate Regional has reminded David of this. And the fact that there are so many other impact entrepreneurs facing the same challenges as he is.

"To date it has been beneficial to see the same problems affecting us/our clients are also the same for others. It truly does remind you that we are in a global economy/network and can’t live in isolation. Being reminded of the struggles others have and how that is similar to your own experiences and realising it’s not just you".

When we asked David about his top tip for aspiring impact entrepreneurs, he says it's all about value.

"Stand by your value statements. Don’t be afraid to say you value commerce (that sounds like a bad thing in today society) but do it in away that empowers staff and stakeholders rather than purely running their margins down. Focus on uplifting your supply chain not squeeze them but also remember the consumer will judge your actions not your words".

We love seeing just how much value David is creating in the world - and are thrilled to be part of his journey!

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