Hive 11

Hive 11 is a vibrant community co-working space, located in the heart of Frankton, Hamilton, that brings together diverse individuals and organisations committed to making a positive impact. 

Featuring hot desks, meeting rooms, a podcast studio, and an event space that accommodates up to 100 people, all of which are available for you to hire, Hive 11 is your new professional home away from home. 

Visit us at 11a Somerset Street, to connect, grow, build energy, and find inspiration amongst like-minded others.

The Hive 11 Vision

A space where you can find inspiration and connection, and take collective action to create an equitable future where we're all thriving.

This includes business innovation with social good at its heart, as well as those wanting to make a difference in shifting systems of inequity in Aotearoa and beyond.

The Hive 11 Origin Story

Developed by Seed Waikato and Impact Hub Waikato, Hive 11 is the realisation of a shared goal to provide individuals and organisations driven by a commitment to social good with a place to come together.

The idea for the space emerged in 2022, after we collaborated on a few events. Across the next 15 months, we worked together to develop the space - and along the way, engaged in co-design with our community, to ensure their needs and desires and reflected in the space. During a co-design session, the name 'Hive 11' emerged, representing a place where everyone is working collectively.

We look forward to welcoming you into our space, and hope you can see yourself reflected in this.

The Hive 11 Why

It's common for those of us who engage in meaningful work to experience burnout.

Through Hive 11, we hope to offer you a supportive ecosystem that fuels your passion and facilitates sustainable success. We strive to create an equitable community through connection, collaboration, and collective action.


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