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Plastic Free July: Hacks for the Office

Plastic free might seem like a daunting journey to embark upon, as plastic is everywhere! 

However, with these small hacks, our Director Emma Sinclair (low waste-junkie and Plastic Free July veteran) gives some tips on how you can make it easy at work.

Contain your excitement

We all have rogue plastic containers and keep cups rattling around in a cupboard at home. How about bringing some of them to the office for a container library?

Nature calls

Plastic-free TP is now so mainstream, that there is really no excuse! What’s more, they will deliver to your office regularly, so you will never run out. Convenience and saving the planet. Uhm, yes please.


Check your tea bags - many brands have plastic in the tea bags - yuck. For a luxury cuppa, why not opt for loose tea leaves?

Cater for the planet

For your next work event, why not get creative at your local (or online) refinery store? Bring a container to the deli for your cold cuts, replace the crackers with fresh locally baked bread, opt for a cheese from a non-plastic container and fresh seasonal fruit straight off the tree. Stop it, I am getting hungry.

Ditch the drink bottles

We have perfectly good tap water in this county - or at least nothing a slide of lemon and some cubes of ice won’t fix. Forego the single use plastic water bottles at your next office gathering and go straight for the source.

Those are all some small, easy things we can all implement right now, whether we are plastic-free July diehards or not. Of course we also need to be looking at the bigger picture such as how we fit out our office spaces, procurement policies for furniture and office supplies, but the journey needs to start somewhere.


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