Accelerate Membership

Our Accelerate Membership is a curated membership, designed to support early stage impact-driven entrepreneurs.

This six-month membership provides tailor-fit support that will equip you and your venture with bespoke and ongoing coaching and mentoring support. You'll gain access to a close knit community of like-minded people, combined with cutting-edge content from some of New Zealand’s top impact professionals.

Starting with an in-depth Business Health Check, we discover what’s needed to help your business level up and support you on your entrepreneurial journey. From here, you will receive a development plan, which outlines the tailored mentoring and coaching you will receive from our team of experts. 

Here’s what to expect when you sign up to an Accelerate membership:

  • Your Personal Host - your host will be by your side throughout the journey, ready to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Enable Membership

  • Business Health Check - you will do this with a trained consultant , enabling us to curate your membership journey. 

  • Business Coaching - 4 sessions each 6 months with an Impact Hub Associate in your chosen area/s through:
    • Dedicated coaching
    • 1 on 1 consultations
    • In-depth mentoring

  • Cohort Sessions - connect with other businesses on the same journey as you.

You can also look forward to all the additional benefits of being an Impact Hub member, including:

  • Member mail - keep up to date with our latest offers and opportunities with our fortnightly e-newsletter 
  • Workbenches - connect with experts in a variety of fields with our monthly workbench events, where you’ll be able to ask them the hard questions and level-up your knowledge
  • Digital resources - expand your knowledge with our  constantly-growing digital database of resources.
  • Discounts - score some sweet deals with local businesses for added value.
  • Member Portal listing - gain exposure and build your networks by listing your business details in our online member portal 
  • Impact Drinks - enjoy a drink or two on us, at our bi-monthly networking event 
  • Free coworking day every month - boost your productivity with a free day of co-working at one of our Inspiring Spaces every month 
  • Capacity building events - grow your knowledge and skills at our free bimonthly events 
  • Community App - connect with changemakers around the globe, thanks to our global communications app 
  • Member 2 member advertising - gain free business exposure in our fortnightly e-newsletter.

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